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Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories & Cases

Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories are extremely useful both to protect and to improve your smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S3's touchscreen is both large and beautiful, and new owners are always astounded by the screen's responsiveness. Unfortunately, the phone's larger size increases the risk of something happening to it. You could drop your phone on the sidewalk or accidentally lay it face down on a rough surface, and your new phone will have scratches forever.

The best screen protector for Galaxy S3 will prevent light scratching and smearing. Screen protectors are very inexpensive compared to the cost of buying a new phone, and they take only a few seconds to apply. Our inventory of newer screen protectors can even be removed and reapplied for easy cleaning.

If you love to exercise, you'll definitely want to pick up, among our Samsung Galaxy Accessories, the best armband for Galaxy S3 to secure your phone while jogging or biking. Armbands come in a variety of attractive colors, and the elastic straps hold the phone securely in place on your arm.

Because your phone is located on your arm instead of in your pocket, you can easily access it to read new text messages or shuffle through your music collection. Extra pouches are perfect for storing keys and other lightweight belongings.

Need to use your S3 as a GPS device? Holding your phone and driving at the same time can be dangerous, so you should secure your phone with a Galaxy S3 car dock. You can position your phone anywhere on the windshield for easy viewing, and you'll be able to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Our selection of car docks use suction cups to fasten your S3 to the windshield so it won't slide around, and they can be used with car chargers to keep your phone juiced up on the road

Galaxy S3 Accessories