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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.7” Accessories

The Tab is a compact tablet computer with built-in phone capabilities. You can expand, protect and beautify it with many different add-ons. One of the most popular accessories is the Galaxy Tab 7.7 charger. It's possible to charge your tablet computer almost anywhere. We carry a variety of AC power supplies, car chargers, external batteries and mini solar panels. even has special adapters that you can use to charge the tablet in foreign countries.

If you need a durable Galaxy Tab 7.7 case, we have what you're looking for. Our website offers hard cases, sleeves, cotton bags and pouches for Samsung tablet computers. Manufacturers design these items to protect the Tab without greatly increasing its size or weight. Carrying cases can improve your tablet computer's appearance as well. There are several attractive colors and patterns to choose from, including black, gray and leopard spots.

You can also find many other Samsung Tab 7.7 accessories on Among other things, we have port adapters, decals, screwdrivers and non-slip mats. Our flexible Bluetooth keyboards are quite portable. We also sell audio add-ons, such as headphones and speakers. Visit our gadget section for a traditional telephone handset that connects to the Tab. It improves comfort and reduces exposure to radiation. All of our products help you make the most of your tablet computer.

Galaxy Tab 2 - 7.7"