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iPhone 4, 4s Docking Stations

Of course you love holding your iPhone or iPad in your hand. Its sleek form and pleasing materials are perfect for holding and carrying. But sometimes you want to sit back and relax, and not have to worry about it. Whether you’re in bed or in your living room, in the kitchen, or even on your bike, we have the perfect iPhone 4s dock for your mobile device. 

Choose from a pleasing and stylish selection of wooden docks, which will look great as table-top item, even when not in use. These have been flying off the shelves due to their timeless appeal. For younger audiences, we have a huge range of more colorful docks, some featuring fun and likeable characters. Little girls will love to have a cute Kitty Cat dock to put their phone in.

Top-sellers right now are our high-quality iPhone 4 docking station with speakers, perfect for watching movies or playing your favorite music for everyone to enjoy. The options are endless, so dock up now.

Of course, all of our iPhone 4s accessories come with free worldwide shipping and a generous return policy so you can shop with confidence. What you see is what you’ll get for your iPhone.

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