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The Best Hard & Leather iPad 4 Cases

The iPad 4 is functional tool, but it’s also a thing of beauty. The selection of a case for your electronic device should also combine these two features. This is why we have curated a large selection of the best iPad 4 cases on the market.

Next to hard cases, leather iPad 4 cases are our best sellers. The ancient qualities of this durable and attractive material are easily the reason why so many customers prefer them. You want something that is gentle on the eyes, and gentle in your hands. And nothing ages like leather.

Of course, some prefer the hard case to the soft. It’s a question of lifestyle and use. How do you use yours? Is it a stay-at-home entertainment device, or constantly used device at work, on the plane or in the car? From the thin to the thick, and in a wide range of colors, our iPad 4 cases will delight you and satisfy all your needs. 

But you’re probably here for the convenience of the online shopping experience, and our exceptional pricing list. To sweeten the deal, shipping is free worldwide—and that’s both functional and a thing of beauty.

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