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iPad 2 Speakers & Docking Stations

The iPad is full of incredible hardware features, such as a Retina display and rear and front-facing cameras. The one feature of the iPad that Apple seems to ahve overlooked, though, is the speakers. Simply put, the hardware built into the iPad just isn't all that powerful or impressive. That's why many people who aren't satisfied with the iPad speakers that are built into the device instead opt for docks.

Once you start looking at an iPad 2 docking station with speakers, you'll see that there are a number of options depending on what kind you want to go with. For the most part, they all hold the iPad at a roughly 45-degree angle and have speakers built into the element of the dock that holds the iPad up.

The speakers included in the dock are the first and foremost aspect to keep an eye on. There are other minor features that differentiate some of the docks that are available, though. Some models, for example, feature an LCD clock built into the unit. Other kinds allow for both an iPad and an iPhone to be docked at the same time, turning the dock into an accessory for both of your Apple devices.

After you've evaluated the speakers on the unit and made a purchase, the rest is easy. Simply docking your iPad and connecting the speakers allows you to start listening immediately. You'll love the sound quality that the speakers generate, and after awhile it becomes hard to understand how you ever play music or movies on the built-in speakers.

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