Cool Apps for Your Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 apps

Smartphones are not complete without an array of apps installed on them and we haven’t covered any Android apps so far so here are a few useful apps for your S3:

Skype: everyone knows about Skype which allows users to make free calls as long as they’re connected to the internet. The Skype version for android can be used on your S3 to make free video calls to any Skype user, so it can be useful to anyone.

Airdroid: this app allows the transfer of files (and more) between your Galaxy S3 phone and your PC without using any cables (via your wi-fi network), and if like me you’re tired of connecting the USB cable to your phone every time you want to transfer a song or a photo you will find this app very useful.

Flipboard: it gathers content from news and social media sites according to your preferences and presents you this content in the style of a magazine. You can flip through thousands of pages of content and it looks very cool.

S Baro: few people know this, but the S3 has a barometer inside it! With this app you can make use of it and measure atmospheric pressure and altitude.

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