Music Streaming Apps: Which One is Right for You?


Unless you own a huge collection of music albums, after a while you can grow tired of hearing the songs stored on your smartphone, so you could either listen to the radio, or, even better, use an on-demand music streaming app that will only play music that you like…

On-demand music services keep getting smarter and better at guessing what songs we enjoy the most and they are evolving towards a point where they will be able to read our mental states and only play music that fits our mood. And premium services are getting cheaper too, for the price of an album you can buy a premium one month subscription with no ads and unlimited streaming to your mobile device, and access thousands of LP’s and EP’s from as many artists. All you need is a good data plan and to find which of the many popular on-demand music streaming apps would be the best for you. Both Google and Apple have launched their own music streaming services, Play Music and iTunes Radio and both are pretty solid but they are by far not the only options, in fact a few other free services have more users and offer unrivaled features. So which are the best on-demand music streaming apps for both iOS and Android?

The most popular free music streaming service for both mobile platforms and PCs or MACs is Spotify, with perhaps the largest song database (more than 20 million) and a premium option, Spotify can tailor playlists according to your tastes no matter how rare and specific they are, and they have some grand plans for the future, they are planning to use the sensors that will be available in the next generation of smartphones to monitor our motion, heart rate and sleep cycles to tailor the perfect custom playlists for our workouts, rest sessions and more. But we are still a long way from that. In the meantime you can try Spotify’s free mobile and desktop apps and enjoy their wide selection of styles and genres.


Another free streaming app for Android and iOS that offers all the features that you can find in paid services including genre browsing, playlist creation and organization and access to a large song database is MOG. MOG only streams songs at 320 kbps, so it can take a heavy toll on your data plan but the sound will always be crisp and clear.


A newcomer in the music streaming world, Beats Music was launched around two weeks ago, and its launch was eagerly awaited by many, after the huge success of the expensive ‘Beats’ headphones. Similar to Spotify, Beats offers more than 20 million tracks chosen by the best DJ’s and music experts from the most popular music magazines, for $9.99/month, and it has a free trial so you ca try before you buy. Beats let you input your location, mood, who you’re with and your preferred genre and it will build a playlist that it promises you’ll love.


Songza is also a very popular free music service that offers recommendations based on your likes and dislikes and also on the current day and time. For example, on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon it can play music for concentration and work, and on a Friday or Saturday evening it will give you party and celebration tracks. When a song plays you can press either a like or dislike button and the app will remember your choices and make its recommendations accordingly.




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