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FM Transmitters for iPhone 5 & 5S

Sometimes nothing quite compares to listening to the FM dial while you are out on the road. Now you can rely on your iPhone 5 FM transmitter to enjoy music and talk programs while you drive. Whether you are traveling across town or cross-country, you will be able to find a station to suit your tastes with an FM transmitter. 

Pick an iPhone 5 & 5S car adapter that is ready and waiting for your FM transmitter, so you won't have to try to make any adjustments. Simply set your iPhone 5 in its connector adapter and get ready to rock out to some of your favorite songs. Be ready to sing along with the windows down.

When you browse the selection of iPhone 5 & 5S car adapter and FM transmitter supply, you will find an added benefit in that the FM transmitters are hands-free. This feature will make your radio listening even safer and simpler during your road travels. You never have to remove your hands from the steering wheel to enjoy your favorite radio programming.

Using Bluetooth technology, you never have to take your iPhone 5 out of its dock or its iPhone 5 & 5S connector adapter to adjust the controls and find the right station. This kit will also allow you to enjoy listening to music while continually charging, simultaneously. Keep your iPhone 5 securely cradled in safety and security while using it to access your GPS and your FM transmitter as you need to.

From 88.1-107.9 MHz on your FM dial, you don't have to miss any musical enjoyment possibilities with your iPhone 5 FM transmitter and car adapter.

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