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iPad 2 Cases and Covers

Many would say that cases are the first accessory that you should consider after buying an iPad. Since they’re bigger than phones, you may think that you’ll be more careful with it. But anything can happen. Trust us—we’ve seen it all.

Our excellent iPad 2 cases are available at severely discounted prices, so the cost of safety has never be cheaper. And, as those of you who are familiar with the Cellz experience will know, we have iPad covers for every taste and desire.

The Wonderful World of iPad 2 Cases and iPad Covers

From rubber and silicone soft cases, to sturdy plastic covers, we have it all. We have slick jewel-embossed designs and cute iPad 2 cases for girls with characters like Hello Kitty and Cheeky Monkey and ponies. Perhaps your tastes are more refined and classic? You’ll love the selection of leather cases. We have “invisible” cases, smart ones and even a selection of pouches so you can go kangaroo style with your device.

Cellz has folding-style cases, too, with or without buttons and snaps, for your convenience. Add one to your cart and take advantage of our free shipping policy. But most importantly: Be safe and express yourself!

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